Saturday, July 20, 2013

Liferay 6.0.6 Tomcat Bundle: Change context path from ROOT to others

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Assuming that we would like Liferay to work as http://<hostname>/myportal instead of http://<hostname>/, just make the following changes.

1. Under [Tomcat_Home]/webapps directory
  • Rename directory ROOT to myportal
2. Under [Tomcat_Home]/conf/Catalina/localhost directory
  • Rename file root to myportal
  • Edit myportal file and change  <Context path=""...> to  <Context path="/myportal"...>
3. Under  [Liferay_Home] directory (hint: Liferay_Home is the folder in which the readme.html file is located)
  • Edit (create one if it does not exist), add in portal.ctx=/myportal
4. After restarting Liferay, it is very important to perform the following additional step. Without making this change, a number of portlets such as message board would not work properly. 
  • Login as portal administrator
  • Bring up "Control Panel" and click on "Portal Instances" under "Server" tab
  • Change the default value "localhost" at "Virtual Host" to the domain where Liferay is hosted.
5. Liferay should be working on http://<hostname>/myportal

If you want to change the domain name from localhost host to others, follow this tutorial,

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