Saturday, July 20, 2013

Liferay 6.0.6 Tomcat Bundle: Run Two Tomcats On A Single Server

The following steps assume that you are running two liferay application, each using its own hsql database.

1) Using 7-zip program, unzip\liferay-portal-606 to C:\Z\lifetoms\liferay-portal-606

2) Rename liferay-portal-606 to liferay-portal-1

3) Duplicate liferay-portal-1 as liferay-portal-2

4) Using Notepad++, edit [Tomcat_Home]/conf/server.xml
a) (Line no.22) Change port 8005 to 9005
b) (Line no.69) Change port 8080 to 9080
c) (Line no. 90) Change port 8009 to 9009
d) (Line no.71 and 90)Change port 8443 to 9443

5) Start liferay-portal-1
Wait until liferay application run.

6) Start liferay-portal-2

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