Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Liferay 6.0.6 GlassFish Bundle

Follow this tutorial,, to get essential tools to assist you.

1) Using 7-zip program, extract the content of\liferay-portal-6.0.6 to C:\Z\lifeglass1
Close 7-zip when you are done.

2) Using File Explorer, browse the Glassfish bin path.
Copy the path.
Run Command Prompt.
Type: cd<space> and paste the path.

3) Run Glassfish server.
Type: asadmin start-domain

4) Wait for Liferay Portal front page to be automatically opened by a Web Browser at the URL http://localhost:8080.
There may be a time lag before you could see the following:

5) Browse GlassFish Admin page at the URL, http://localhost:4848

You will be forwarded to http://localhost:4848/common/index.jsf

If you click the Application tab, you will see liferay-portal item in the list

If you click the liferay-portal name, you will see the following:

6) Stop the Server.
Type: asadmin stop-domain


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