Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Install WampServer 2

1) Browse URL,

2) Select the specific version that you require, e.g. 2.0i. Download the file.

3) Run the installer.Clic Next

4) Accept the terms.

5) Specify Install path.

6) Select additional tasks if necessary.

7) Ready to install. Click Install.

8) Choose your default web browser. If you are not sure, click Open.

9) Specify SMTP server or accept default.

10) Installation is done.
If Windows Firewall ask your permission for running Apache, click Unblock.
Click Finish.

11) You will notice that Apache icon is placed at the tray bar at bottom right of Windows.

12) If you click Localhost, the Web Browser will show the WampServer Frontpage.
Notice that there are phpinfo() page and phpmyadmin page under the Tools section.

12a) phpinfo() tells you about your PHP settings

12b) phpMyAdmin page tells you about your MySQL server administration.

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