Monday, July 29, 2013

Google Play Developer Console, How To Register

1) Browse URL,

2) STEP 1: Sign-in with your Google account

3) STEP 2: Accept Developer Agreement

4) STEP 3: Pay Registration Fee
You need a credit card account for this purpose.
Alternatively, you can use a VISA Debit Card as shown below. (I'm using a card issued by Malaysian Public Bank Berhad).

5) STEP 4: Complete Account Details.

6) Registration done.


  1. Recently I am having my Maybank VISA debit card issue to pay the register fee on google play developer console and then I found your blog mention about it. I notice you are using VISA Debit Card as well (Issued by Malaysian Public Bank Berhad) but I'm wondering why my VISA debit card cannot pay the $25 USD fee (It shown the credit card was declined). Since your VISA debit card work, I have a favor to ask you, can you help me to pay for the google play developer console? i don't mind showing you my google account and my password.

  2. Hi Ruey93, I have just come back from Miri. I wished I got this message earlier so that I can visit you there :-D.
    Giving your account to me will potentially expose you to danger. I would suggest that you call the Maybank Service Center and request them to allow your card for overseas transactions. I think this would solve your problem.

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