Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Liferay 6.0.6 Tomcat Bundle: Simple DNS Server for Intranet Test

DNS Server Role is required to support the use of a domain name instead of IP Address for accessing the Liferay Server machine in the Intranet. This role is available in Windows Server Family such as Windows Server 2003, 2008 and others.

For a simple intranet use, you may not require a full scale Windows Server. Instead you can use a third-party software like SimpleDNS Plus from Alternatively, download here. Follow this tutorial to install the software,

If you are using VirtualBox environment for this exercise, follow the following steps:

1) Create Liferay Server Machine (e.g on Windows XP). Set the network adapter as follows:

2) Run the Windows. Set the IP settings as follows: (Notice that we are setting IP as that points to itself for DNS server reference)

3) Create another machine called Liferay Client Machine (e.g. on Windows XP). Follow step 1 to set the network adapter.

4) Follow step 2 to set the IP setting as follows: (notice that we are creating IP that points to for DNS reference)

5) You can always check the registered setting for both machines by using the command ipconfig /all:


1) In Liferay Server, run Simple DNS.

2) Trial version.
a) If you are using a trial copy, choose trial license.

b) Copy the license as instructed.

3) Main interface.

4) Click Records.
Locate Quick Zone Setup Wizard button.

5) Click Quick Zone Setup Wizard button. Set as follows:
Zone Name: liferay.intranet
Web Server IP:
E-mail server IP:
FTP server IP:

6) Review the results.

7) Test the result with Ping command.


1) Run Liferay using startup command. By default, the web browser will automatically open the URL http://localhost:8080.

2) Change the URL to http://liferay.intranet:8080. The browser should be able to find the same page.


1) Check IP Setting
ipconfig /all

2) Check connection to server IP

3) Browse http://liferay.intranet:8080


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