Monday, July 22, 2013 Free ASP.NET Hosting Account

1) Browse URL,
a) Find the Free .Net Hosting
b) Click Learn More

2) You will be redirected to
Click Order Now.

3) Fill in your details.

4) Continue with the Shopping Cart.

5) Fill in the details to create your website.
In the example below, I am registering for .Net 2.0 Version.
Click Create Website.

6) Website Creation Done.

7) Explode your website name, e.g.
a) Click File Manager.

b) You will see the following:
Look at the icon "Upload". You will have to click it in the next step.

8) You are going to test uploading an ASP.NET file
a) Create two aspx files as follows:
i) ClickEventsCS.aspx

ii) ClickEventsVB.aspx

b) Upload the files.

c) Test the output at the URL , e.g.:

NOTE: If you have followed the above steps correctly but failed to see your page in the web browser, it could be due to DNS replication problem (refer Step 6). You may have to wait for 24 hours or up to 48 hours to get your site address available to Internet users.


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