Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Google App Engine: Getting Started

Google App Engine: Getting Started

1) Login into Google Cloud Platform

Notice the Side Menu button.
Expand the menu.
Select App Engine.
Select Language (PHP).
Specify your location.
Follow the tutorial.

2) Tutorial

2.1. App Engine Quickstart


This tutorial shows you how to deploy a sample PHP  application to Google App Engine using the gcloudcommand.
Here are the steps you will be taking.
  • Build and run your "Hello World" app
  • You will learn how to run your app using Google Cloud Shell directly in your browser. At the end you'll deploy your app to the Web using the gcloud command.
  • After the app...
  • Your app will be real and you'll be able to experiment with it after you deploy, or you can remove it and start afresh.

2.2. App Engine Quickstart

Google Cloud Platform organises resources into projects. This allows you to collect all the related resources for a single application in one place.
Click Continue or click “Select a different project” to create a new project.


We have the sample PHP code prepared for you in the Google Cloud Repository. To view your cloned code, open the menu on the left -hand side of the console and select Development.


  1. YAML files
  2. You are now looking at the Hello World folder of the cloned code. Google App Engine uses YAML files to specify a deployment's configuration. The app.yaml file configures the deployment environment.
  3. Open the app.yaml file by left-clicking it.
app.yaml files contain information about your application, including the runtime environment, URL handlers and more.


Cloud Shell is a built-in command line tool for the console. We're going to use Cloud Shell to deploy our app.
  1. Using Google Cloud Shell
  2. Open Cloud Shell by clicking
  3.  from the navigation bar at the top.
Cloud Shell is a built-in command line tool for the console. We're going to use Cloud Shell to deploy our app.
git clone $TUTORIALDIR
git checkout gcloud --php_executable_path=/usr/bin/php-cgi $PWD


In order to deploy our app, we need to create an App Engine application. This sets up the app and selects a region.
  1. Creating the app with Cloud Shell
  2. To create your app enter:
gcloud app create
gcloud app deploy
gcloud app browse
2.7. Deploying with Cloud Shell
You can use Cloud Shell to deploy your app. To deploy your app, enter:
gcloud app deploy app.yaml --project phphelloworld-160623
2.8. View your app's status
You can check up on your app by monitoring its status on the App Engine dashboard.
Open the menu on the left-hand side of the console and select App Engine.

 2.9. Congratulations

You have successfully deployed an App Engine application! Here are some next steps:
  1. Download the Google Cloud SDK and develop locally
  2. Download Cloud SDK for Mac OS X
  3. After it downloads, extract the file  and initialise the SDK .
  4. Build your next application
  5. Learn how to use App Engine with other Cloud Platform products



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