Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Install Sketchware On Android (Online)

Sketchware Tutorial - Getting Started
This tutorial is a step-by-step guide for beginners. 
Sketchware is a great application. Even those without IT or Programming background would be able to follow this tutorial and finally run the app on Android device.
It is is SUPER EASY!

0. Get the app

You can get the app by:
a. Going to Android App store, search “Sketchware” and install.
b. Downloading from
and install.
c. Copy the apk (from b) into your device and install

1. Run the installer.

Read the installation information.
Tap INSTALL button
Wait until installation completed.

2. Run Sketchware.

The app may ask for your option to read the tutorials.
Select CANCEL.

3. App Menu

App menu is located at top left.
If you click the App Menu, you get the menu that includes the Tutorials. So you can select this menu item if you want to read the tutorials in the future.


You see a PLUS (+) button at the bottom right of the page.
Tap the PLUS button to create a new project.

5. Project Details

Enter project details.
The compulsory part is: Package, Project name, App Name.
Make sure you follow the instruction eg project name must not have a space (use _ to replace the space)

6. VIEW section

VIEW section displays the layout of your app.
You can put LAYOUTS and WIDGETS into your app.

7. Add Widgets

Tap the TextView and drag it to your app page.
Then, tap the Button and drag it to your page.
Your page has two widgets now.
Tap the RUN button

8. RUN the app

Wait for Sketchware to build the app.
Allow Android to install your app.
Wait for installation process

9. Edit TextView

Tap the TextView object on the app page.
Select the text item.
Change the text to MyTextView.

10. Edit Button

Tap the Button object on the app page.
Select the text item.
Change text to MyButton

11. LOGIC section

The LOGIC section contains the actions for your app to do.

12. Edit Button LOGIC

On LOGIC tab,
Click the Show Action Panel.
Drag the setText action into the app.

13. Assign target object and

Assign target widget to the action.
Assign the string.

14. Run again.

When you tap the button the TextView displays "Hello World".



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