Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eclipse Juno: Configure Tomcat Server

1) Download Eclipse Juno and extract.

2) Run Eclipse Juno. Go to menu Window/Open Perspective/Web

3) Look at the bottom panel (Server tab) of the Eclipse Juno Window.

4) Click New Server Wizard...

5) Ensure that Tomcat Server, e.g XAMPP Tomcat is running. Choose your server and click Next.

6) Set your Tomcat Server path. You can use "..\" to set relative path starting from Eclipse Root. Click Finish.

7) Tomcat registered is now registered and available in Servers tab. Select the server and click Start (or Right-click and select Start) to start the server.

8) If the server started and running well, the Server Stop Button would be active and appears in red color.


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