Saturday, September 20, 2014

Change sa password using SQL Server Management Studio

Change sa password using SQL Server Management Studio

If you want to change your 'sa' password with SQL Server Management Studio, here are the steps:
  1. Login using Windows Authentication and ".\SQLExpress" as Server Name
  2. Change server authentication mode - Right click on root, choose Properties, from Security tab select "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode", click OK Change server authentication mode
  3. Set sa password - Navigate to Security > Logins > sa, right click on it, choose Properties, from General tab set the Password (don't close the window) Set sa password
  4. Grant permission - Go to Status tab, make sure the Grant and Enabled radiobuttons are chosen, click OK Grant permission
  5. Restart SQLEXPRESS service from your local services (Window+R > services.msc)

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