Sunday, November 2, 2014

JOOMLA 3.1 USBW – Getting Started Part1

JOOMLA 3 1 – Getting Started Part1


1) Download

Download a pre-built package USBwebserver Joomla 3.1 from 

2) Extract to C Drive

2.1) Download the zip file to desktop
2.2) Double-click the file (to go inside)
2.3) Right-click the folder USBWJ and select copy.
2.4) Using File Explorer, go to C:\ and paste the folder USBWJ here

3) Setting Up For The First Time

3.1) Go inside the folder USBWJ
Notice the usbwebserver program (Server PC icon).
3.2) Run USBWebServer program
Double-click the program icon.
3.3) Unblock Apache and MySQL Server

4) Test Servers

4.1) Apache WebServer
Click the button Localhost and the Web Browser will open the localhost page for you.
4.2) MySQL
Click the PHPMyAdmin button and the Web Browser should automatically open the PHPMyAdmin page for you.

5) Setup the Database for Joomla

5.1) Log into the PhpMyAdmin control page
By default, username/password is root/usbw
5.2) Create a database

6) Run Joomla Setup

6.1) Go to Joomla Setup Page
6.2) Enter details for Configuration Page.
6.3) Enter details for Database Page
6.2) Select sample data option
6.3) Remove Installation Folder

7) Test Website

7.1) Navigate Front Page
7.2) Navigate Administrator Page


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