Tuesday, September 16, 2014

3D Studio Max 2010 Installation On Windows XP

3D Studio Max 2010 Installation On Windows XP


1) Run Installer.

This tutorial is using the iso file 3DS_Max_2010_32Bits.iso  
If you get error message such as “Insert CD 1” during installation, then you should extract the iso into normal folder and run installer from there.
Notice the menu on left hand side of the Autodesk 3D Max 2010 Setup Window.

2) Click Install Products

3) Select Products to install.

4) Wait for initialization.

5) Start Installation.

Select Country.
Select I Accept.

6) Enter 3ds Max 2010 Serial Number and Product Key

7) Review and Confirm Installation.

8) Installation In Progress.

Installation Done.

9) Test Run.

If you run into “Unhandled Exception” error, it could be something related to the display driver.
Run “Change Graphics Mode”.
Select “Revert From Direct3D”.
Select “Software”.



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