Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Working with Project Panel in Notepad++

Working with Project Panel in Notepad++


0) Pre-requisite:
1) Run Notepad++.
2) Go to Menu View/Project/Project Panel 1.
3) Project Panel.
4) Add New Project.
4.1) Create a new project in your Web Root, eg {webroot}/php101.
4.2) Switch back to Notepad++, click Workspace button, click Add New Project.
4.3) Type project name, eg php101
4.4) In the Project Panel, click Edit, click “Add Files from Directory…”
4.5) Browse and select the folder that you have created in Step 4.1.
4.6) Project Files added to Project Panel.
4.7) Start editing by double-clicking the file name, eg index.php

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