Friday, March 28, 2014

UltiDev 2.0.20 (ASP.NET alternative Web Server) Pro

UltiDev 2.0.20 (ASP.NET alternative Web Server) Pro Installation


This is an alternative to IIIS that supports the function of production server for ASP.NET 4.


Double-click the icon.
2) When the Setup window shows up, click Agree to the terms.
Click Next.
3) Installation complete.
4) The program will run automatically. If it doesn’t, find it in Start/All Programs.
5) Notice that in Step 4, a default website is suitable for ASP.NET version 1, 2 or 3.
6) To create an ASP.NET version 4, click on the “register new site…” button (Refer label no. 2 in Step 4 above)
6.1) Site Type.
Select ASP.NET Web Application.
Windows XP supports .Net version 4 only.
To download .Net version 4, click here,
Install .Net 4 first if you plan to run this framework version on your server.
To install higher versions, you have to run Windows 7 or higher versions.
Before registering your site, you need to setup your websites file and folder structure first.
1) Create folder structure, eg c:\projects\asp4\
2) Go into the subfolder asp4 and create index.aspx file.
3) Edit the content as follows:
<body bgcolor="yellow">
6.2) ASP.NET Version.
(Continue from Step 6.1) Select ASP.NET 4.0 (Full)
6.3) Host Process.
Accept default, click Next.
6.4) Physical Location.
Point the server to the physical location of your website.
Click Next.
6.5) Network Location.
Accept default. Click Next.
6.6) Authentication.
Accept default. Click Next.
6.7) Other Settings.
Accept default. Click Finish.
7) Live Website
7.1) Browse Application.
Click on the link “Local Area Connection”.
7.2) Browsing via the LAN URL Address. (The IP No. for your website may differ from the example below)
7.3) Browsing via Localhost URL.
7.4) Since you have configured (in Step 6.5) Virtual Host, browsing http://localhost will be returned with HTTP 400 Bad Request (What is it?).
8) Stopping the Server.
8.1) Press Stop Button.
Check that the service is stopped in Windows Service Manager.
8.2) Click Start button, click Run…
8.3) Type services.msc and press enter.
8.4) Find the item “UWS … Services” and click Stop the service (Refer the screenshot below)..


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