Friday, March 28, 2014

Notepad++ Portable 6.2 Installation


Notepad++ Portable Setup


2) Double-click the icon.
Copy the folder “Notepad++Portable” ie CTRL+C .
3) Paste to c:\apps\...
4) Go into the folder to find executable file.
5) Right-hand click the file name, and select “Pin to Start Menu”.

6) Click Start button and then click Notepad++ Portable icon.
7) Notepad++ Portable application window shows up on the screen.
8) Additionally, you may want to install a Compare Plug-in that helps you compare script files easily. Go to menu Plugins/Plugin Manager/Show Plugin Manager. When the Plugin Manager window shows up, go to the Available tab, select Compare plugin item and click Install. You may need to restart Notepad++ in order to activate the Compare menu item in the Plugins Menu.

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