Sunday, February 2, 2014

Windows 2012 Server Manager

Windows 2012 Server Manager


1) Find the Server Manager icon located at the far left of the Task Bar.
Click the icon.
2) Move your mouse to bottom left corner of the screen until you see an icon pops up (Start button).
Click the icon.
When the Start page appears on the screen, click the Server Manager icon.
3) Server Manager.
By default, Dashboard is displayed.
4) Click the Local Server item.
The Local Server properties is displayed.
5) Click All Servers item.
Only one server (this server) is displayed implying that there is no other servers detected.
6) Click File and Storage Services.
Then, click Disks.
7) You can always navigate to the previous screen by clicking the Back Button.
From Step 6, if you click Back Button for 5 times, you will eventually go back to Step 3.
8) Quick Start.
The Quick Start steps consists of:
8.1) Configure the local server.
8.2) Add server roles and features.
8.3) Add other servers to manage.
8.4) Create a server group.
9) Even though Step 8 looks easy, you have to understand few concepts in order to be able to manage your server properly. Amongst all, these include:
9.1) Domain Name System
9.2) Active Directory
9.3) TCP/IP
10) You may want to try the first ten steps mentioned here,

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