Sunday, February 2, 2014

Install Windows Server 2012 On VirtualBox

How To Install Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine On VirtualBox


You need to setup a Virtual Machine first. (Follow this tutorial ).


1) Configure the CD Controller for your Virtual Machine to boot from a CD or an image file.
1.1) Select the Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine.
1.2) Click the Storage Settings item. Take note that at the moment, the item shows empty [CD/DVD].
1.3) Click the CD Controller
1.4) Click the CD icon, to find the path to CD or iso image.
1.5) Once you are done, you will see the right CD/iso path.
2) Start your Virtual Machine.
2.1) Select the Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine.
2.2) Click the Start button.
3) Windows Server 2012 boots from the CD/iso.
Click Next.
4) Click Install Now.
5) Select “Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (Server with a GUI)”.
Note: You can switch to non-Gui (Server Core) later.
Click Next.
6) License Terms.
6.1) Tick the checkbox.
Click Next.
7) Installation Type:
7.1) Click the “Custom” option.
8) Installation Target.
8.1) Select the target drive.
Click Next.
9) Wait for the process to complete.
The computer will restart when it is finished.
10) The computer restarts…
11) You will be required to enter the Administrator password. e.g “P@ssw0rd”.
Click Finish.
12) Finalizing your settings…
13) You will get Start Up screen.
14) You need to enter the password to login.
15) To shut down your server…
15.1) Move your mouse to bottom right corner of the screen.
15.2) When the control menu slides from right margin, move your mouse to the Settings icon. Click the icon.
15.3) Click on the Power icon.
15.4) Select Shut down.
15.5) Select reason to shut down.
Click Continue.



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