Friday, January 3, 2014



1) Run the installer file, ie SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU
2) The SQL Server Installation Option window pops up.
Select “New SQL Server …”
3) License Agreement window.
Accept the terms.
Click Next.
4) Product Update window.
Deselect the update option.
Click Next.
5) Reminder to restart computer.
Click OK.
6) Setup Support Rules.
Click Next.
7) Feature Selection.
Click Next.
8) Instance Configuration.
Click Next.
9) Server Configuration.
Click Next.
10) Database Engine Configuration.
Click Next.
11) Error Reporting.
Click Next.
12) Installation Completed.
Click OK.
Click Close.
Restart Windows.
13) After the computer restarted, find the application SQL Server Configuration Manager.
14) In the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Select SQL Server Services.
Note that the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) is running.

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