Sunday, April 21, 2013

Joomla 3.0 On UsbWebServer 8.5

1) Download UsbWebserver 8.5.

2) Download Joomla 3.0.

Alternatively download a pre-packed UsbWebServer 8.5+Joomla 3.0

3) Extract UsbWebServer to root, e.g C:\USBW\...

4) Extract Joomla 3.0 to C:\USBW\ROOT\joomla1\...

5) Run UsbWebServer. Unblock firewall for Apache and MySQL if required.

6) In UsbWebServer Control Panel, Click PhpMyAdmin to create Joomla 2.5 Database.

7) Login using root/usbw credential.

8) Create joomla1 database.

9) In UsbWebServer Control Panel, Click localhost.

10) Browse URL localhost/joomla1/ (automatically you will be redirect to ../installation/index.php).
Enter site details.
Click Next.

11) Database Configuration page.
Enter Database Connection details.
Click Next.

12) Finalisation.
There are two parts of finalisation

12.1) Install Sample Data (Choose Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data
Scroll down the page and read the lower part (Next step).

12.2) Verify that installation information is OK.

12.3) Scroll back to top and click Install.

13) Joomla is now installed.

13.1) Click "Remove installation folder".

13.2) There are two buttons for next tasks:

a) Site - http://localhost/joomla1

b) Administrator - http://localhost/administrator

14) Browse Site page - http://localhost/joomla1

14.1) Click Getting Started.

14.2) Print or Email button.
Click on the drop down button beside the wheel icon to get Print or Email button.

14.3) Click Using Joomla!

14.4) Click Using Extensions.

14.5) Click the following links to read more about:
a) Components
b) Modules
c) Templates
d) Languages
e) Plugins

14.6) Click Parameters.

14.7) Click Getting Help.

14.8) Click Joomla! Project.

14.9) Click The Joomla! Community.

15) Login page.

15.1) Click Login to log as portal user.

15.1.1) Login using admin credential, e.g admin/password. (Refer step 10)

15.1.2) Click Login link once again to get Logout button.
Click Logout.

16) Site Administrator

16.1) Click Site Administrator.

16.1.1) Login using admin credential, e.g admin/password. (Refer step 10)

17) Post-installation test completed.


  1. Is joomla same as wordPress? i want to learn joomla also. I knwo WordPress very well but do not know anything about Joomla. This is site i have developed on HTML.

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