Saturday, April 27, 2013

Java Development Kit 7 Update 2

Steps to Download Latest Version of Java :

  1. Navigate to Link : Download JDK
  2. Click on the Download Java [Java Platform (JDK) 7u17]
Downloading Java Developers Kit
  1. After Clicking on the Java Logo it will redirect you to the actual download page.
  2. On the download page you have to click on radio button to accept terms and conditions of oracle.
Selecting SE Platform
  1. Select appropriate version as per requirement.
  2. Click on download link after that downloading will be started . Setup is nearly about 75-80 mb.

Step by Step procedure to Install JDK :

  1. Go to Folder where you have downloaded jdk setup.
Installing JDK Step 0
  1. Now Double Click on the setup file. (jdk-7u2-window-x64 is jdk file in my case)
  2. Following Setup window will gets opened.
Installing JDK Step 1
  1. Now Click on “Next” button.
Installing JDK Step 2
  1. It will prompt you optional features to be installed. Let it be default. Now click on “next”.
  2. Now Keep Path as default.
Installing JDK Step 3
Installing JDK Step 4
After following series of above screenshots finish window will gets opened.

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