Friday, June 13, 2014

Git For Windows XP Installation

MsysGit For Windows Installation


1) Browse download site.

2) Download.

2.1) Click Download Button. The zip file is downloaded to your computer.
2.2) This tutorial uses Git-1.9.4-preview20140611.exe . You can download this version from here.

3) Install.

3.1) Double-click the executable file.
3.2) Accept terms.
3.3) Select installation path.
Accept default.
3.4) Select components.
Accept default.
3.5) Option to create shortcut.
3.6) Adjusting Path environment.
Accept default.
3.7) Line ending conversions.
Accept default.
3.8) Installation process.
3.9) Process completed.

4) Add git bin path to Windows System Environment variables.

4.1) Copy the git bin path.
4.2) Add the path to Windows System Environment variables.
4.3) Test with git version command.
e.g.: git --version

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