Sunday, December 1, 2013




1) Run Installer.
Click Run.
2) Install wizard starts.
Click Next.
3) License Agreement.
Click I Agree.
4) Select components to install.
Accept default.
Click Next.
5) Choose Install Location.
Accept default.
Click Install.
6) Wait for the process to be completed.
7) Installation done.
Click Finish.
8) The computer may automatically open up the Read Me Page.
You can close the window for now.
9) Run Sam Broadcaster Studio Program.
10) The setup window pops up.
Click Next.
11) Select Database System.
Accept Default.
Click Next.
12) Login details for FireBird database.
Accept default.
Click Next.
13) Add Audio Files
Accept default.
Click Next.
Note: This will add…
a) Audio files to media library (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\)
b) Default Sound FX and Demo files.
14) Sound device selection.
Accept default.
Click Next.
15) Registration.
Select “I want to try SAM Broadcaster STUDIO for FREE”
Or, if you have a registration key,
Enter your registration key.
Click Next.
16) Stream Hosting.
Click Next.
17) Setup Completed.
Click Finish.
18) The program requires you to Unblock your firewall.
Click Unblock.
19) Screen Display warning.
You may get screen display warning.
If you got it, change your screen resolution to the recommended resolution.
20) The tips window.
You may disable tips window by deselecting the checkbox as shown below.
21) Main Application Window.
Initially you may get a blank window as follows.
22) Go to menu Layout and select the suitable layout.
E.g. Layout/Size 1024x720/Default.


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