Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Windows Server 2008: Initial Configuration Tasks

This tutorial guides the reader on initial configuration tasks activities for Windows Server 2008. The system is based on the Client-Server Architecture, i.e the computer that provides the service is known as Server and the computer that requests a service is known as Client. Theoretically, any computer can take the role of Client or Server. However, in practice, a computer that takes the role of Server should ideally have more resources (processing power, RAM, Hard Disk storage etc)

1) Run Windows Server 2008.

2) By default, the Initial Configuration Tasks window will appear after the Windows started.

In the case where you have chosen "Do not show this window at logon" but later wish to run this window, type "oobe" in command line.

3) We will be looking into item details.


3a) Set Time Zone.

3b) Configure Networking.
- Server normally works in a network.

3c) Computer Name and Domain.
- Computer Name is the unique name of a computer.
- Domain is the name representing a group of computers.


3d) Automatic Update

3e) Download Update


3f) Add Roles
- Also known as primary functions such as File Sharing.

3g) Add features
- Also known as supporting functions such as Backup Feature.

3h) Enable Remote Desktop
- Allows other computer to remotely access and operate this Windows Server Desktop.

4) Do not show this window at logon
- If you do not want to see Initial Configuration Tasks at logon, tick the checkbox at the bottom left of the Dialog Window.


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