Sunday, June 23, 2013

Install ColdFusion 10 On Windows XP In VirtualBox

1) Download VirtualBox and its extension from

2) Install VirtualBox.

3) Install Extension.

4) Create A New Machine with Windows XP Setting (e.g. WinXP20gbj)

5) Insert Windows XP CD and install it into WinXP20gbj.

5) Create a Shared Folder in WinXP20gbj identified as a networked drive (e.g. C:\Z in Guest OS).

6) Download ColdFusion installer to C:\Z in Guest OS from (You need to create a user account with Adobe first).

7) Run WinXP20gbj.

8) Run File Explorer, go to Z folder in Network Drive.

9) Install ColdFusion 10.
Read for detailed installation steps.

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