Thursday, May 2, 2013

Google App Engine Application

1) Browse URL
Enter your Google Credential.

2) You will be redirected to

3) Click Create Application.

3.1) You may be required to Verify your identity.

3.2) Enter Verification Code.
Didn't get your code? Sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes. If it's been longer than that, try again.

4) Enter Application Details.

5) Scroll Down to Agree to Terms Of Service.
Tick the Checkbox I accept...
Click the Button Create...

6) Application Registered Success fully

7) Browse back the URL

8) Click on the Application name.
You will be forwarded to the Dashboard.

9) Notice the Information Message on the main panel.
Your next step is to upload and deploy an application.
You can do it in two ways:
9.1) Using command line, appcfg to upload and deploy one.
9.2) Using AppEngine Deploy Program, 

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